Hello everyone !

From the title of this post, ya this is my last reflection on Intermediate Phase GenerasiGIGIH. Technical class is over. There are many things that I got this phase. Unfortunately, in the last week my condition is drop. I cannot continuing my final project and cannot attend in technical class also english class due to my doctor suggest me to totally bed rest. But, I’ll finished the project out of the time. I am very grateful for everything I had in GenerasiGIGIH.

For my progress in backend engineering is …

Something new for me in the world of ‘backend engineering’. First time I knew about programming from robotics and entered college with engineering background because I am interested in robotics actually. I have learned basic programming language in collage, but in this field is totally different. Only several part is similar like algorithm and data structure.

After 6 weeks of learning in the technical class and got chance to ask my question to the mentors about several part that I confused before, I don’t know my feels is more motivated also curious to explore more deep about backend engineering. Especially after learning TDD, refactoring, unit testing and clean code makes me realize that this is the art of backend engineering. “Make it works, Make it beautiful, Make it fast”.

But ya, in last week i can’t attend the technical class because need to bed rest whereas the materials its so pretty good (SOLID Principles and microservices), but its okay. In this pandemic, healty is number one, right?

Actually, out there are still many things that I have not learned. Made me to keep curious and keep exploring more on backend engineering.

Skills I’ve developed in the last 6 weeks

To be honest, a lot skill that i have developed in last 6 weeks. Start from English skill. I still remember that first day of cakap class with teacher at this time if i am not wrong is Miss Anisa, she asked to me to explain one of popular game which is Among Us and what that i am explain to other student included her is not related with what she asked to me. Very embrassing. But she talk to me that “no problem, we are learning together here, enjoy” and than she with patiently corrected me when I speak a mistake. Thanks Miss. After this incident I always encouraged my self to learn how to speak in daily conversation from youtube and practice in the next class Cakap. Other than, writing this weekly reflection in English actually first time I writing in English (article). I dont know the grammatical is correct or not at least i am learning and trying to writing in English.

Next to the technical skill, i can say that the curriculum is cool. They teach us not only how to code, but how to code right and better. From OOP to deploying. Amazing. I have summarized several materials in my blog. What I do right now is implement in all that i got from technical class, sharpen my coding skill with logical thinking when coding and understanding the problem first before crack the problem. That’s it and of course practice and creating something.

Good habits that I learn from GenerasiGIGIH

Reading in English

After the incident in English class, actually encouraged my self to learn english and habbit that I build first is change my morning routine that usually I use to read books in Bahasa slowly I change with English books.

Practicing in structure data and algorithm

I don’t know, since I joined the class, I think that stong in fundamental which is structure data and algorithm is important. From that I realize and trying to practicing in online platform like hackerrank and I think I’ll writing about structure data and algorithm in my next blog. Interesting.

How many my confindent in percent

I confident with 70% to be hired in backend engineering after learning with GenerasiGIGIH. Lets elaborate, basicly 40% i got from my college and 30% from GenerasiGIGIH. I realize that entering profesional the requires not only technical skill but also soft skills especially communicate with english.

And GenerasiGIGIH cover 30%, from this program i got technical skill such as Testing, Deployment and many more that i feel it will be useful in backend engineering. I learning how to speak and write in English through Cakap class also soft skill from XL Future Leader through IDP Mentoring and Career Readiness Class.

And 30%? I think what I do right now is build personal branding (my blog included my effort to build personal branding).

For me

So far, I am proud of my self until week 7 because i always attend technical class and english class (only 1 cannot attend English Class due to my family is wedding). But in latest week of the program my condition is drop and the impact is cannot finished the final project and cannot attended in several class in latest week. But, no problem, I’m still proud of myself that I was able to keep up with the lesson. I can say that “I AM GROWTH”.

Thank you GenerasiGIGIH !!!!